Designing & Innovating
a digital learning

Hi, there. My name is Brian. I'm a digital designer/developer with a passion & vision to make a better digital learning experience for people.


Make learning personal. Make it matter. Give people a motivation why they learn


Time is important Learn quickly and easily and move on to more important things in life.


Who doesn't like to play? It's part of human nature. Let's make it fun. People will love it!


UX/UI Design

- Ensure best user experience with a great UI Design
- Create prototype, wireframe, and mockup
- Set up templates and style guides

Learning Design

- Develop concept and ideas
- Make learning meaningful, effective and fun
- Consult and provide creative solutions

Graphic design

- Beautiful layout, right use of colour, image and font
- Make learning more effective and engaging
- Meet brand requirement for different clients


- Use a cartoon, doodle or illustration in learning
- Make your learning more personalized and unique
- Flexible illustration styles


- Highly effective media for a modern learning
- Distribute to different channels
- Character / Explainer animation

Mobile learning

- Responsive layout to view on phone and tablet
- Develop in Evolve platform for mobile learning with LMS support
- Perfect for micro and Bite-sized learning


Clients I have worked with

Love to hear from you :)